Opel Insignia (2009)

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  2. October 17, 2012 6:57 pm

Opel Insignia (2009)

The Opel Insignia elegant styling is often summed up as sculptural artistry meets German precision – a mantra that can be chanted in Opel models moving forward. With the Insignia, Opel effectively has brought the sporty coupĂ© style to the mid-size sedan class with out making any concessions in interior space. The Insignia offers 3 centimeters much more knee room than the Vectra. The auto also proves to become specifically effective aerodynamically using a spectacular Cd of 0.27 which positively influences the economic, dynamic and acoustic qualities of the automobile. Each body variants have identical 4.830 mm length and share the similar wheelbase of two,737 mm.

The new auto will hit dealerships in Germany prior to the finish of 2008 and other markets as of January 2009 with a line-up of seven engines. All meet Euro five emissions standards and come with six-speed transmissions, either manual or automatic. The four gasoline engines range from a four-cylinder 115 hp unit to a V6 with 260 hp. The 3 new direct-injection turbo-diesels exclusively developed for the Opel Insignia function displacement of 2.0 liters. They offer you outputs spanning from 110 to 160 hp and excellent torque values ranging from 260 to 350 Nm. All combinations compare competitively in CO2 emissions.

Powerfully Sculpted Lines Give Opel Insignia its Dynamic Look

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