Audi RS6 Avant UK Version (2008)

  1. CarNut
  2. July 25, 2012 12:21 pm

Audi RS6 Avant UK Version (2008)

The new biturbo, ten-cylinder super Avant – the eagerly awaited successor to the revered original RS6 quattro of 2002 – will open for UK ordering from November for an OTR price tag expected to be in the region of Ł75,000. Initial deliveries will stick to in spring 2008, and later that year a saloon variant will also grow to be obtainable.

The basis for the most current RS flagship is the 435PS S6 quattro with its exceptionally compact, naturally aspirated ten cylinder engine enhanced by FSI direct petrol injection. Two turbo chargers and extensive component refinements increase the output of this acclaimed unit to 580PS at 6,250rpm, and raise torque from 540Nm to 650Nm, obtainable from just 1,500rpm right by way of to 6,250rpm.

As a result, the RS6 quattro with optimised six-speed tiptronic automatic transmission can blast to 62mph from rest in four.6 seconds and to 124mph in just 14.9 seconds, only relenting when the electronic governor cuts in at 155mph.

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